Monday, 17 September 2007

Just 1 week till my holiday!!

Well ive got just over a week till my family holiday, i so can't wait! Its my birthday while im away too which makes it even better, but my hubby wont be there :(
After all the interview process and the medicals and all the stress and worrying im so glad i had the final approval last week, i can now relax a little...though im now starting to stress about what to take!
When i get back off holiday i will be back for 1 day before i leave the delights of my lovely home town (sarcasim? nah) and make the big move to Dubai to start my dream job of cabin crew.
Im really excited about it but have a few nerves starting to surface too. I think having lived away from home before im not worried about that bit, living in kuwait will have given me an insight to the culture and what it will be like there.

Anyway, i thought i would start this blog to keep my family and friends up to date with what im doing, with pictures and blog entries. Also i know some of the blogs i have read on here from other members of crew have helped give me an insight to what it will be like and i hope i may help others by writing this too :)