Friday, 8 February 2008

Singapore/Melbourne trip

View from the plane after taking off from Melbourne
Some of the crew

So my rosa for Feb is ok i guess, not as good as the past 2 but could be worse!!
I had a Singapore/Melbourne/Singapore trip on 1st, then i did have a turn around but i changed it to Frankfurt on 7th (which is where i am now!) then i have a turn around on 10th, a johannsburg on 14th.....ive already been there but its a different hotel this time so i wont be scared! then i have another turnaround on 19th and then i did have a 45 colombo layover and Bec was on it too, but now she has managed to swap a few of her flights to get home so she is no longer on it and as ive already been and theres a bit of trouble there at the moment i swapped it for a Gatwick....its a bit more allowance and more flying hours even though a shorter layover.
Then i have a few days off and a Zurich on 28th.

Singapore was good, i was soooo tired arriving into singapore i just slept most of the time (knowing i had a second day there) then in melbourne it was just a 17 hour layover and i had seen it twice already so i just stayed round the hotel. Back in singapore we all went out for few drinks at a club and then stumbled into a bar which was just closing bu they opened again just for us....'are you Emirtes crew?' ...'yep'........oh come in, what can we get you?' so im guessing they get alot of crew in there! i soon realised it was a Newcastle supporters bar so couldnt resist taking a couple of pics just for my hubby! The next day i went out to look at the shops, went to this big market was just crazy!! ive never seen anything like it! sooo many people round, so many lothes, bag, food stalls etc i didnt know where to look! it was so hot in there too so i had a quick look round and then had to get out! i walked accross the road only to find one of my best friends......Starbucks! need of a coffee after feeling like a sardine in the mad market i sat down and people watched, oh and had a nibble of some banana cake!
After my coffee and cake i walked round the mall....bumping into another friend.....Top Shop! but dont worry Gav.....i never brought anything!

Back at the hotel i chilled out watching the tv and had a couple hours sleep before the flight back home.
I never took many pictures as its very much high buildings, shops etc which i saw, if i go there agan i think i will go to the zoo or do the night safari which is supposed to be very good.

Mum over in Dubai!!

Haha, im not sur mum liked the bird??!
In the desert!
Me sand boarding!!

Burj Al Arab at night

Smoking sheesha

Beach at Le Meridien

Mums first night
Just finished the Duck!
Haha, this is my fave photo!!

Ohhhh afternoon tea darling?!!
View from Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

I had such a great tim when mum was over here! She arrived on the Saturday morning (26th) so i met her at the airport and took her back to my apartment. We went to the Madanat area that afternoon for a walk round, some coffee and a bit of lunch. We had a really nice aftenoon. That night i took mum to Ginsing in Wafi City at Pyramids. Had a nice meal and a couple of cocktails then went over to Irish Village for a couple of drinks and stopped off at Double decker and then Longs bar for a coupe more! mum got chatted up by some lebonee guy in longs bar! was funny, he wanted her o go out for dinner and meet his parents! haha.
The next day we spent the day at Mall of the Emirates shoppng, seeing ski dubai etc. We got back around 7 and booked into the Shangrila hotels Shang Palace (chinese) for 9pm. I said we should have the Duck as me and Gav had it when he was here in December, was soooo nice and mum really enjoyed it too!
Monday we spent the morning at the cinema watching PS I love you......we were both wiping our eyes all the way through the film! it was good but sad too.
After re-applying our make up! we got a cab to Burj l Arab...(7 star hotel that looks like a sail) where we wer booked in for afternoon tea! oh yes darling!! haha
It was soooo nice inside, we had great views too. We decided to go for the champagne afternoon tea, so they brought out champagne and mixed berries with the nicest cream ever!! then they brought out this big tier thing which had sandwiches on top, then rolls, then cakes then pastries!! everytime we finishedone plate they were there asking if we wanted more! they brought out the tea too and then when we were done eating all that they brought out the fresh scones with clotted cream and jam and then lots of funky chocolates!!we were stuffed!! so much for eating healthy!!!
We got home around 6ish and were a bit tired and too stuffed to move really! so we had a nap and when we woke up we both couldnt be bothered to do much that night so we just took a walk along my road and stopped at a cafe to have some late dinner.
Next day we took a swim in my pool on the floor above and went to the deira city centre mall, got a new camera!! its pink and dead good! then we were getting picked up at 3pm for the desert safari! wahoo!
It was sooooo much fun! they took us round the desert in the car things and me and um were holding on for dear life! at one point i thought we were going to topple over! then we stopped for some sand this is quite funny!! i went down....thought id fall but i actually suprised myself by making it to the bottom and thinking i was pretty good! then it was mums turn! oh how i wish i hadnt given her my camera!! She stood on it and the guy held her hand to help her and thn he siad ok go and lightly pushed her down......but she nearly dragged him down there with her! she didnt want to let go! anyway she soon found out he didnt really want to follow! she stared off ok and then started wobbling and half way down finally went head in the sand!! it was so funny! hehe.
After that we went to see some camels and then they took us to the area where we would spend the rest of the evening, a big area with small tables and cushions, and hena tattoing, buffet, sheesha, bar etc. So we had some tea and arabic dates and then tried on the local dress.....ok so im not posting a picture of this as me and mum both agreed we both looked horrendous!! then we tried the sheesha......for those who dont know its like a big bong thing with a pipe and filled with a flavour (lots of flavours to choose from) and you smoke it. Ive tried it before in Kuwait, very nice. But this was mums first time!! Oh and by the way incase Nan you are wondering if im making your daughter into a drug addict....its not a drug!! I think mum liked it, infact by the picture im going to post it looks like she is a pro!
The next day we spent the day at the madanat area havig lunch and then went on to Le Meridien hotel to have a drink at baristi on the beach and after took a walk along the pier.
That night my friend Bec joined us and we went to the madanat area again. We sat on this big poofs and had sheesha, wine and some nibbles. We stopped at Trader Vics fo a cockatil and then i took mum to the Grosvenor House hotel to Budda Bar....very trendy bar/restaurant. After we all went to Jumierah Beach hotel to 360 bar, its on its own pier, very trendy and great views.
To end the night we went to the Apartment club and were pretty merry by the end of the night!
The next day i was quite hungover and very tired! i had to have as much sleep as possible before my singapore....i was being picked up at midnight that night. So mum went off to the mall for the afternoon to let me get some sleep and we popped out to TGI fridays when she got back to have dinner.
It was great having mum here, we had such a good time and it was great for her to see where im living.