Friday, 8 February 2008

Singapore/Melbourne trip

View from the plane after taking off from Melbourne
Some of the crew

So my rosa for Feb is ok i guess, not as good as the past 2 but could be worse!!
I had a Singapore/Melbourne/Singapore trip on 1st, then i did have a turn around but i changed it to Frankfurt on 7th (which is where i am now!) then i have a turn around on 10th, a johannsburg on 14th.....ive already been there but its a different hotel this time so i wont be scared! then i have another turnaround on 19th and then i did have a 45 colombo layover and Bec was on it too, but now she has managed to swap a few of her flights to get home so she is no longer on it and as ive already been and theres a bit of trouble there at the moment i swapped it for a Gatwick....its a bit more allowance and more flying hours even though a shorter layover.
Then i have a few days off and a Zurich on 28th.

Singapore was good, i was soooo tired arriving into singapore i just slept most of the time (knowing i had a second day there) then in melbourne it was just a 17 hour layover and i had seen it twice already so i just stayed round the hotel. Back in singapore we all went out for few drinks at a club and then stumbled into a bar which was just closing bu they opened again just for us....'are you Emirtes crew?' ...'yep'........oh come in, what can we get you?' so im guessing they get alot of crew in there! i soon realised it was a Newcastle supporters bar so couldnt resist taking a couple of pics just for my hubby! The next day i went out to look at the shops, went to this big market was just crazy!! ive never seen anything like it! sooo many people round, so many lothes, bag, food stalls etc i didnt know where to look! it was so hot in there too so i had a quick look round and then had to get out! i walked accross the road only to find one of my best friends......Starbucks! need of a coffee after feeling like a sardine in the mad market i sat down and people watched, oh and had a nibble of some banana cake!
After my coffee and cake i walked round the mall....bumping into another friend.....Top Shop! but dont worry Gav.....i never brought anything!

Back at the hotel i chilled out watching the tv and had a couple hours sleep before the flight back home.
I never took many pictures as its very much high buildings, shops etc which i saw, if i go there agan i think i will go to the zoo or do the night safari which is supposed to be very good.

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