Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Arrived in Dubai!

Well, im finally here! Got here on Saturday morning (midnight). The flight was really good, think i watched 1 film, 3 friends episodes and 3 heros episodes on the flight! the entertainment is great!
Im living with 2 British girls who are really nice and im on the Sheik Zayed Road which is the main road, really busy but right in the centre of it all. My room is pretty big and i have a balcony overlooking the main road and my bathroom is just accross the hall. The building has a pool and gym which is quite nice though i havent used them yet as ive been too busy!!
Saturday i went to the Mall of Emirates (Huuuugge!) with another girl who started the same time as me and is in my building.
Sunday was induction and uniform fitting. There are 3 batches started the same time. My batch got our uniform at the end of the day. Monday was grooming so i wore the full uniform the first time, yep and the lovely red lipstick! it actually looks really nice all together.
Tuesday was medicals and today was a corporate induction. Tomorrow is the start of SEP which stands for Safety Emergancy Procedures, im told its the hardest 2 weeks of the training with lots of long days and exams. We have Friday and Saturday off so im planning on using the gym and pool and taking a trip to Ikea to brighten up my room.
I will write more when i have chance but for now....this is all your gettin!!
Love Lis xxx

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