Monday, 22 October 2007

My Training so far.....

Hey, sorry i havent updated, just been too busy with the training!
My first week in Dubai was just medicals, inductions, uniform fittings etc.
Then SEP (Safety Emergency Procedures) started, im into my second week of this now and will be glad when its over!! The first week of SEP was in the simulator and classrooms, doing role plays of Turbulence, Decompression, Emergencies and Fire.......Cabin Crew are far from Dumb thats all i can say!!
At the end of last week we had our first exam of basically all we had learnt and i passed....100%!! yey! then this week its been all about the A330 and we had our exam on that today, were told its alot harder than the others so i studied my ass off! Anyway after alot of stressing and worrying i passed and got 98%, you need 80% to pass the exams, otherwise you get a re take or put back a week and have to join another group or failing that they send you home! Hense the stressing!!
Anyway we need to learn about the B777 now and got an exam for that on Wednesday and then theres a few other things they go through and by Thursday night my brain can rest....for a day atleast!! Next week is First Aid. SEP is supposed to be the hardest 2 weeks, so first aid should be fine!
Im really looking forward to next week cuz Gav is coming over to visit....yey!!! cant wait. He gets here on the Wednesday night, so i have training on the Thursday but then can spend the evening with him and then Friday and Saturday im off too. He goes back on Sunday, short visit but its going to be soooo nice to se him!
Last weekend was good, went out on Thursday night to Irish Village which was pretty good and then onto a club near me. All 3 batches (that started the same time) went out so was a good night. I chilled out a bit on Friday, just went by the pool for a bit and got over my hangover!! Saturday i was by the pool for a bit and then went off to buy a TV for the apartment, me and the other girls are going 3rds in and it was dirt cheap, just need to get Showtime now (like sky) and i think Lucy (flatmate) and her boyfriend are sorting that tomorrow.
Anyway ive rambled enough now so im signing off now and will update again prob at the weekend. Hope everyone is good and im missing you all....espec Chloe!! xxx

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