Monday, 29 October 2007

First Aid Training...............


Well this week is first aid, very tired this week and the class is finding it hard to keep awake!! but its good when we do the practicals. We have learnt how to deliver a baby and do CPR so far, oh and what to do with a dead body! Its good though, just alot to learn with all the medication and equipment.

Gav is coming in a couple of days!!!!! yey, cant wait!! so excited.
The weekend just gone i went out with my batch and one of our SEP trainers, went to a nice place called Ginsing in the pyrimids in wafi centre. Was really nice in there and the cocktails were yummy! We got a huge discount cuz we are emirates crew and then went in the club next door and got about 60 free drinks!! then we went back to our trainers villa, well the ones left standing! i saw the sunrise again....paid for it the next day though! We just had one day weekend last week as we had security training on the saturday.

Got a few more things for the apartment on saturday and today too....starting to look better every visit...though im not finished yet!

Anyway ive got to cut it short as i have to do some studying!! I will post some pics up here very soon as i will be getting my laptop this weekend.

Love you all loads and miss you too!!
Bye for now xxxxx

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