Friday, 9 November 2007

Update.....first week of service over


Well, the first week of service is now over and im on my last week hopefully providing i get through the last couple of exams and assessments and the mock up i will have graduated on Thursday! yey!!
I found out my first suppy flights are to Karachi, they are like still in training flights and always a quick turn around flight. My first is on Sunday 18th!arh! and then next one is on 22nd. Then im not sure what my rosta is yet for the start of my fully fledged cabin crew flights, should find out this week.
Service is fun but also alot to learn as usual!! we had our first mock up yesterday where we had to serve real plane foodin the simulator and do the whole service, we were all dead nervous and running round like headless chickens gettng stressed about what needs to be done and the questons the trainers were asking us!

Gav came last weekend and it was so great, we had a great time and i miss him loads already! He spoilt me rotten, got me a mobile, laptop, perfume, speakers for me laptop and more!
He arrived on the weds night and we just cilled out with a take away cuz i had an exam in the morning for first aid, so thursday afternoon when i came home we went to the mall, had lunch with a couple of his friends and it was overlooking the ski dubai in the mall. We went out for a few drinks that night. Friday we went to an all you can eat and drink buffet, was a good laugh, gav was up on the karaoke!
Saturday we went to get my laptop and then watched the football andthen went to Madanet area for a romantic meal, was well nice, we had to get a boat to the restaurant and had great views of the Burj.

Well im going to post a couple of pics for ya now....if i can!!

Update again soon, Lis xxx

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