Friday, 23 November 2007

Graduation and supy flights.....

Well i am now officially a flight attendant!! i graduated last Thursday 15th and im so pleased my training is over with!! So to celebrate we all went out for a nice meal with our service trainers to Sevilles, a really nice tappas restaurant in wafi center, in the pyramids. We all got our facecards on graduation, which if i havent told u already gives us good discounts on various restaurants, bars, hotel gyms etc. So we used the facecard to get our discount...50% off! yey...maybe i will save some money here! Anyway it was a really good night which ended up in Zinc....otherwise known as stink!! its a bit of a dive, but everyone goes there for graduation because emirates arranges free drinks for us.

So my first supy (training) flight was to Karachi on Sunday 18th, was an ok flight, very quick service, give the meal then collect it and land, but the passengers are very demanding wanting whiskey or beer all the time. I got to sit in the cockpit on take off and landing which was really good!

My second supy flight was to Karachi again! yesterday...22nd. It was again very quick but i did prefer it this time i think because the crew were helping me more and the purser and sfs were really friendly and fun going. I still kinda feel a bit lost in the galley of where to put things and get things from but im told that will come in time.

So my next flights??....

Well i was on can use, which is like standby but they let you know the day before if you have a flight. But i called up to get it changed into rostered flights, just so i know what im doing. They dont always do it but i got a nice guy who said since im new he would change it.

So he gave me a Bahrain which is a very quick turn around (even quicker than karachi), thats tomorrow morning - 24th. Then a day off on Sunday and on Monday a Malta....2 day layover yey! ive never been there before but im told its very nice with a nice pretty harbour. Apparently its quite a sought after flight with it being a 2 day layover. I found out we stay at the Intercontinental Hotel, which ive searched on the internet and found it looks veerrrry nice! i will be taking my swim suit and gym kit to take full advantage!! i think its about 20 degrees there at the moment which is quite nice to explore the place. I get back from malta early hours of Thursday morning and im on another Karachi flight on Friday morning!!! i have no idea why they insist on putting me on Karachi flights all the time!!

Im very excited to get my December hoping i will get a few days off together around xmas or new year so i can see Gav, but i think i will be very lucky if i get them. I bidded for them but im sure alot of people did the same. I also bidded for a Seychelles and a Auckland and Singpore, but im not on top bid this month so will see.

Basically everyone is in a group and im in group 5 and each month one group is on top bid which means they will more than likely get what they bid for. There are 7 groups and this month im at position 5. When your at position 7 your on standby, but it goes downward so next month i will be position 4.

My flatmates are both leaving in December, Lucy is going on 6th December and Shaz is going on 12th December so im moving into Lucy's room which is the ensuite and private balcony, the bathroom is my colours too! natural beiges etc. I just need to hand the forms into accommodation to let them know and they need to confirm back to me.

So im hoping i will get some nice flatmates! if its abinitio (which are the ones in training ie was me a week ago!) then i dont get a say and they just let me know im getting a new flatmate but if its not abinitio then i get a say, like they will come and look round and meet me and if i dont think we will get on or whatever then i can say no to them.

So over the last few days ive been making the apartment nice, like the living room is lovely now thanks to Ikea! and ive been throwing out old stuff in the kitchen and just generally being a Monica! As mum knows only too well though i hate clutter!! it clutters up my head!

I got internet installed in the apartment too and also showtime (like sky) so its more homely now. I cant wait to get some nice ornaments from all over the world, like when people go to nairobi they buy the big girrafs (sorry my spelling is shocking!)

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