Sunday, 9 December 2007


A little merry on Gluwien
Me, Alex and Alex

One of the Gluwien bar stalls

Me and the Captin

I got back from Dusseldorf just after midnight this morning, it was a good trip, easy flight there and back with nice passengers.

We got there about 1pm and had a couple of hours to sleep before some of us met up in reception to get a tram into the centre. There were lots of Christmas markets and as we were a little cold we made our first stop to be at the Gluwien stalls (mulled wine). It was verrrrryyy nice and had rum in it too, so it had quite a bit of a kick to it! We wondered round with our gluwien looking at the different stalls, i didnt buy anything this time though. Then we stopped to get a sausage thing....cant remember the german name for it but its basicallya hot dog....a big sausage though! By the time we had scoffed those down we were runninglow on gluwien so me and a couple of other got ours topped up! we ended up staying at the same bar for the rest of the evening enjoying the gluwien and christmas atmosphere.
We went back to the hotel about 9 and got a bite to eat at the hotel before heading up to bed.....i slept very well!!

The next morning our pick up was at 1250pm, the flight was again very good but i was very tired and couldnt wait to get home to bed!

I now have a few days off as i have a US visa interview on 11th, so im just going to do a few things round the apartment and a bit of christmas shopping along with catching a few rays.
My flatmate Lucy moved out on 6th, so ive been claring out some old stuff in the kitchen and i also put up my Christmas tree!! Its only 5 foot but its quite cute and ive deorated it nice with the little ginger bread from Vienna on it too...(no havent ate them yet!)
My other flatmate Sharon is leaving on 12th so i think we will spend a bit of time together the next couple of days. Oh and i think i will be able to move into the ensuite room from tomorrow!! yey!

So my next flight??....................Birmingham! yeah! on the 14th, arriving at 1900, im sure mum has already informed you all, so i hope to see you either on the Friday night for dinner or the Saturday for lunch!!
See you soon! xx

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