Thursday, 13 December 2007

My few days off.....

Night out for Lucy and sharon and one of lucy's friends


My en suite bathroom
My new room!

Me at the Burj al arab......flashing a little bra!

The past few days i have had off, got my US visa sorted so i can now start bidding for US flights!

I moved into the A bedroom which Lucy was in, its a bit bigger and with ensuite and also private balcony...nice. Went out on Sunday night with Sharon to the Madanat area by the Burj al arab for Sushi and a drink at one of the bars and then we got a taxi back to Rotana hotel which is just up from our building to have a few drinks n Longs Bar.

Ive just been sorting the apartment out apart from that! i sunbathed by the pool for a while yesterday. I had my hair done on Tuesday too. Today i went to Mall of Emirates to buy christmas pressies and cards, im such an idiot, i was looking at cards for my mum and was thinking about what to write inside, like sorry i cant be there....when it hit me that im not going to be with everyone, its my first christmas away from home! anyway i started to feel my eyes welling up and a few tears roll down my face! luckily no one saw!

Sharon left on Wednesday soim now all alone in the apartment! its nice in some ways but quite lonely in another! Im hoping i get nice flatmates, i had a girl come to look t the place this morning and she seemed lovely, so i may sign the form to let her move in....will have a think about it....trying to drag it out a little so me and gav have the place to ourselves at christmas.

Tonight im packing for Birmingham......wahoooo!!! going to relax a bit, have a hot bath and a glass of wine! My friend Bec is coming over n an hour or so and we are going somewhere for a bite to eat and to catch up as i havent seen her since my last week of service!

Anyway, i will see you all tomorrow or Saturday!

Bye xxx

1 comment: said...

I love your blog , it's really nice to travel with you around the world.

Im going for the assesment day in Dubai, I read that you are married. Were you married on the day you applied coz I'm married and need some good advice. Thanks so much and see you in Dubai (hopefully) Pris