Saturday, 1 December 2007

December rosta and Cairo turnaround

Hey all....

So i was due to have a Karachi turnaround yesterday at 10am (Friday) and i woke up had a shower etc, my pick up was at 720, they pick us up 2 and half hours before the flight and we have to be in the briefing room 1 and half hours before at the latest. So i called evita after my shower to check if there was any delays etc. (Evita is a automated phone system where you can hear your rosta, hear any delays, call sick, any changes you have etc.) Anyway it said i was being notified of a duty change, it was another flight...a cairo (known for being a bit of a nightmare flight!!) but it was departing at 0850! earlier than my original, so i was rushing around and cursing and had to jump in a taxi as i missed the pick up cuz i didnt know i was supposed to be on it! i got there in time luckily but everyone told me they are actuallysupposed to call me to tell me, especially if its earlier than my original flight! so now im unsure if im even going to check evita right before a flight now! i dont want that stress agan!
Anyway it turned out to be ok, i think its proberly because my expectations of the flight were really low, so it wasnt as bad as i thought! they were very demanding and i had the odd rude passenger but i just carry on and dont let it get to me! My sfs (senior flight steward) said he was doing an appraisal on me, in my 6 months probation i have t have about 4 done on me, he didnt have to do one but said he wanted to as he was really impressed with me, he said i was doing really well for my 3rd opperational flight and i had no problems...yey! so that goes back to my manager and also onto the crew portal (an internet system whichwe all have a log in for and where we can swap fights, see our rosta, put in for leave, bid for flights etc) where i can see what he put and comment if i like.
So i have 2 days off now and i got my rosta for Dcember while i was in Malta, its not bad, im in the process of swapping some flights though.

I have a Vienna layover on Monday, then a Dusseldorf on 7th, then they gave me another dusseldorf on 14th but i have swapped it with a Birmingham (its just waiting to be approved by scheduling), then i have a few days off after that to have my US visa interview, then on 18th i have a Columbo and at the moment i have a jakarta on the 22nd which gets back at 5am on 25th...xmas day!! but im trying to swap it for 2 turnarounds so that im in dubai more, as Gav is here from 22nd, its been accepted by someone but im just waiting for crew scheduling to approve! fingers crossed! then i have a dacca layover on 29th but amazingly someone agreed to swap with me for days off instead! again it needs to be approved though. So if all goes well with my swaps im quite happy with my rosta!
Gav will come on 22nd and leave early hours on 31st, so its going to be really nice having christmas dinner togther and just doing the usual christmas stuff (but in dubai!!) I just need to get a tree now! yey!

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