Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Colombo - Sri Lanka layover

Sorry i havent updated this for a while!
So my colombo layover on ....think it was 18th December was ok. The hotel we stay at is near the airport so not near the tourist area, i could have gone there but since it was just a 22 hour layover there wasnt much time, so if i get a 2 day layover there i will be able to explore more!
When we arrived it was about lunch time and there was alot of guards with guns at the airport...scarey!
I was so tired as i had been flying through the night and only had a few hours sleep before the flight but me and a couple of other girls forced ourselves to go out and see something! We went on a shopping tour organised by the hotel, its so cheap there and you can pick up some lovely things. I got myself some unusual coasters and placemats (figured i can use them when me and gav get a house together) and these coconut candles (half coconuts filled with candle wax). I picked up some cheap dvds too, one tree hill season happy about that one!!
After shopping we went back to the hotel and i oredered room service, soup and a roll! and i crashed out b4 our early flight the next morning. As we just went shopping i didnt get any pics :(

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