Friday, 25 January 2008


So Johannesburg on 5th Jan was great.....if a little scarey!!
We got there about 10pm local time and on the bus the captin kindly told us that every 5 minutes a woman is raped in joburg! we were like oh thanks for that!! he was like yeah they break into their homes and rape them and kill them!!

Anyway we get to the hotel and its in th middle of nowhere, the rooms are like lodges, all scattered round and all on ground floor, so we all make our way to our rooms, all a bit scared! i walked in and did my usual check round the room, then checked the was not double glazed and had only a little latch locking it! so i freak out thinking about the story the captin told us about, thinking that someone can easily just break in and do anything to me! the other girls were all the same, some slept in the same room as each other they were that scared, but i just kept waking up all night, checking the window!
The net morning i just wanted to get out and wanted to go to the lion park and two other girls wanted to too, so off we went with the hotel tour.
Im so glad i went, it was great seeing all the lions, we drove through to see them, even saw the cheeters being fed an then we got out and got to stroke the cubs, got to feed the giraffes! their tongues are soooo long!! i held out my hand with the food and it wrapped its tongue round my hand and ate it!
Anyway after that we went to a mall for lunch and back for some shut eye before our flight that night. I dont mind going to joburg again, but only if its the other flight whereyou stay at the nicer hotels at the airport!

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