Friday, 25 January 2008


I had a Gatwick layover on 10th but managed to swap it for a Birmingham which was great! I got there at lunch time and mum came to get me at the hotel, we went straight to Beckys house so i could pick up Chloe to look after her for the day.
I had such a great day, mum was off work as she was ill, still getting over her cold. I was playing with Choe all day and then i took her to my Dads house to see him for an hour or so before going back to mums where Rob and Bex came round.
It was dead nice being at home with everyone.....minus Gav though!
I put Chloe to bed as she was staying round mums and she is just so cute!! i read her a story and she was chattering away. Then me, mum, rob, bex went to the Paddox for a meal and couple of drinks where Jane and Nik met us, had a good laugh, really nice evening.
Woke up the next day about 730am, sooo tired!! chloe came in the room, hiya! i really didnt want to get out of bed but as soon as i saw her i wanted to spend more time with her.
Mum took me back to the hotel about 10am, it wasnt so hard saying goodbye this time as i knew i would see her on 26th Jan when she is in Dubai.

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