Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Well my rosta this month was pretty good, no turnarounds, i have a Kuala Lumpur on 1st Jan, Johannasburg on 5th, gatwick 10th (which i have now swapped for a Birmingham!!) a manchester on 14th (which i swapped for a Venice!!! on 13th! to my excitment!) then i have about 5 days in dubai and on 20th i have a melbourne/Auckland/melbourne layover getting back on 25th and then i have days off for the rest of the month.......and mum is coming yey!!!
I have already booked us in for afternoon tea at the Burj and mum is so excited! we are going to do a desert safari too!
Im so excited about my birmingham too, im staying at mums this time and im looking after chloe in the afternoon, cant wait!
So im very happy with this months rosta!!

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