Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Christmas time!!

So 21st came and i was due to do a Bahrain turnaround that afternoon getting back at 8pm, just in time for me to have a bath and relax before gav arrived after midnight......i get a call while im getting ready to say my flight has been changed to a Beruit!! grrr, its a little longer and ggot me back just after 1am, so im stressing a little thinking i wont be here when gav arrives! Luckily we both land 5 minutes apart and i get back to the apartment before him!
The next morning we spend the day chilling out in the apartment catching up with each other as i had another turnaround that evening to Kuwait. So gav caught up with his mates watching the football that evening and i was back by about 2am the next morning. That day we went to the mall of Emirates and did a bit of shopping, i got some gorgeous silver shoes from French Connection with some of my christmas money! We had some lunch in apres which overlooks the ski dubai and later we went to watch some football, ended up in fibbermageez (an irish bar down the road) and came back home to play a drunken game of buzz! Next day we went to Deira city centre mall and festival city and also picked up our food shopping and turkey!! we didnt get back till after 730 and were planning to go out but were tired and instead just watched some dvds and had a takeaway.
Next morning......Christmas day!!!! I opened my bedroom curtains to see sheik zayed busy as usual??!! im thinking thats not right! its christmas dayyyy!! we realise we forgot a couple of things for the turkey and head to spinnys in mercato mall near me...after opening our pressies of course! theres quite a few people doing there shopping??? what is going day!!! its just not the same in Dubai!!
I enjoyed it because Gav was here but i really missed being with the family and being in the UK! especially after talking with my dad, rob bex and chloe on webcam!! i had a few tears on the phone to my mum too!
Anyway we spend the day watching some dvds, cooking the turkey, drinking mulled wine and playing a few christmas songs much to gavs dissapproval! After our turkey which was very nice! we went accross the road to my friends apartment (Bec) to have a couple of drinks with her before heading out to Irish Village for a couple of drinks.
Boxing day we went to the madanat area for a walk round, and then we tried to get in last minute for afternoon tea at the burj but they were booked up till mid jan! so we went to Le meridien and sat on the beach having a couple of drinks before coming back home to chill out. That night we went out to watch the football and then gav took me to a really nice bar called buda bar, very unusual and very nice. We ended up at the le meridiens bar risti.
The next day we did plan on going to the beach but ended up not doing much, just enjoying being together. We had a lovely meal at the Shang ri la hotel up the road, in their chinese restaurant. I get 50% off there so it was great! we shared a whole duck for our main course and ive never had better, it was sooo nice!
The next day we had lunch out and spent the day in the apartment as i had a lovely Dhaka layover (Bangladesh!) It was awfull! i just wanted to be at home with gav. I never want to do the flight again, the only good thing was that i picked up some bargain dvds at the hotel dvd shop! Lost season 3, excellent copy for 2 pounds!! Heros season 1 and a couple of movies. The time i was there was spent sleeping and having a bit of room service. On the bus on the way to the hotel, we were stopping at traffic lights and there were women and children knocking on the windows beging for money, it was horrible.
Anyway the next day i was back in Dubai about 3pm and Gav was leaving for the airport about 10pm, so we had take out and spent some time together before we had to say goodbye (Again!!)

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